26/05/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
22/05/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
15/05/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
13/05/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
06/05/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
05/05/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
01/05/20202020Increase to and extension of debt facility and market updateDownload File
24/04/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
17/04/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
16/04/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
15/04/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
14/04/20202020Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3EDownload File
19/03/20202020On-market securities buy-backDownload File
24/02/20202020GDI Update - Notification of Dividend/DistributionDownload File
24/02/20202020Half year results presentationDownload File
24/02/20202020Appendix 4D and half year resultsDownload File
24/02/20202020Half year results for the period ended 31 December 2019Download File
24/02/20202020Appendix 3FDownload File
24/02/20202020Tax components of distribution - 31 December 2019Download File
17/02/20202020Settlement of DVG portfolioDownload File
12/02/20202020Advance notice of release of half year resultsDownload File
13/12/20192019Notification of Dividend DistributionDownload File
15/11/20192019Appendix 3BDownload File
15/11/20192019Appendix 3YDownload File
14/11/20192019GDI - Results of Annual General MeetingDownload File
14/11/20192019Chairman's and Managing Director's AGM addressesDownload File
14/11/20192019Acquisition of DVG Portfolio for new unlisted fundDownload File
26/09/201920192019 Annual ReportDownload File
26/09/20192019Notice of Meeting & Proxy FormDownload File
03/09/20192019Appendix 3YDownload File
27/08/20192019Appendix 3YDownload File
27/08/20192019Appendix 3BDownload File
26/08/20192019Update - GDI Dividend/DistributionDownload File
26/08/20192019GDI Tax Components of 30 June 2019 DistributionsDownload File
26/08/20192019Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance StatementDownload File
26/08/20192019Annual Results PresentationDownload File
26/08/20192019Appendix 4E & Annual Report Download File
26/08/20192019Annual Results AnnouncementDownload File
01/08/20192019Leasing update - Westralia SquareDownload File
16/07/20192019Acquisition of 180 Hay Street, PerthDownload File
27/06/2019201930 June 2019 ValuationsDownload File
18/06/20192019Notification of Dividend DistributionDownload File
25/02/20192019GDI - Tax components of the distributionDownload File
18/02/20192019Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload File
18/02/20192019Half Yearly Results PresentationDownload File
18/02/20192019Half Yearly Results ReleaseDownload File
18/02/20192019GDI Update - Dividend/DistributionDownload File
18/02/20192019Appendix 3DDownload File
31/01/20192019Settlement of sale of Liverpool Rd, AshfieldDownload File
15/01/20192019Cancellation of shares pursuant to share buybackDownload File
14/12/20182018Notification of Dividend DistributionDownload File
27/11/20182018Appendix 3YDownload File
16/11/20182018Appendix 3YDownload File
16/11/20182018Appendix 3BDownload File
16/11/20182018Appendix 3ZDownload File
15/11/20182018AGM Results of ResolutionsDownload File
15/11/20182018Chairman's & Managing Director's AddressDownload File
29/10/20182018Periodic StatementDownload File
24/09/201820182018 Annual ReportDownload File
24/09/20182018Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy FormDownload File
27/08/20182018Sale of 223-237 Liverpool Road, AshfieldDownload File
27/08/20182018Tax components of 30 June 2018 DistributionDownload File
20/08/20182018Appendix 4E & Annual Financial ResultsDownload File
20/08/20182018Annual Results PresentationDownload File
20/08/20182018Annual Results AnnouncementDownload File
20/08/20182018Notice of GDI Dividend/DistributionDownload File
20/08/20182018Retirement of Chair & appointment of DirectorDownload File
20/08/20182018Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance StatementDownload File
10/08/20182018Advance Notice - Release of Annual ResultsDownload File
03/07/20182018Valuation of 141 St Georges Tce, PerthDownload File
18/06/20182018Notification of Dividend/DistributionDownload File
14/05/20182018Appendix 3YDownload File
22/02/20182018Distribution Notice for the period ended 31 December 2017Download File
19/02/20182018Half Yearly Results AnnouncementDownload File
19/02/20182018Half Yearly Results PresentationDownload File
19/02/20182018Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload File
08/02/20182018Advance notice of release of half year resultsDownload File
10/01/20182018Settlement of 6 Sunray Drive, Innaloo, PerthDownload File
22/12/20172017Sale of 307 Queen Street, BrisbaneDownload File
15/12/20172017Notification of Dividend/DistributionDownload File
17/11/20172017Settlement of 66 Goulburn Street, SydneyDownload File
17/11/20172017Appendix 3YDownload File
17/11/20172017Appendix 3BDownload File
16/11/20172017Appendix 3XDownload File
16/11/20172017Appendix 3ZDownload File
16/11/20172017AGM ResultsDownload File
16/11/20172017Chairman's & Managing Director's AddressDownload File
03/11/20172017Appendix 3YDownload File
27/10/20172017Settlement of Westralia SquareDownload File
19/10/20172017GDI - FIRB approval and new settlement date for 66 Goulburn St Download File
16/10/20172017Cancellation of shares pursuant to share buy-backDownload File
10/10/20172017Satisfaction of conditions precedent - 6 Sunray Dr, InnalooDownload File
03/10/20172017Appendix 3YDownload File
29/09/20172017Notice of Annual General MeetingDownload File
29/09/20172017Appendix 4GDownload File
29/09/20172017Change to BoardDownload File
14/09/20172017Cancellation of sharesDownload File
14/09/20172017Appendix 3EDownload File
31/08/20172017Appendix 3EDownload File
29/08/20172017Change of Director's Interest NoticeDownload File
29/08/20172017Appendix 3BDownload File
29/08/20172017Acquisition of Westralia Square, PerthDownload File
28/08/20172017Appendix 3EDownload File
25/08/20172017Appendix 3EDownload File
24/08/20172017Appendix 3EDownload File
23/08/20172017Tax components of 30 June 2017 distributionDownload File
21/08/20172017Annual Results PresentationDownload File
21/08/20172017Appendix 4E and Annual Financial ResultsDownload File
21/08/20172017Annual Results AnnouncementDownload File
21/08/20172017Notification of dividend/distributionDownload File
18/08/20172017Acquisition for new unlisted property trustDownload File
17/08/20172017Sale of 66 Goulburn Street, SydneyDownload File
15/08/20172017Advance Notice: Results for the period ended 30 June 2017Download File
19/06/20172017GDI Property Trust Consolidated ConstitutionDownload File
15/06/20172017Estimated Distribution to 30 June 2017Download File
15/06/20172017Notification of Dividend DistributionDownload File
16/05/20172017GDI Cancellation of SharesDownload File
16/03/20172017Appendix 3EDownload File
15/03/20172017Appendix 3EDownload File
14/03/20172017Appendix 3EDownload File
09/03/20172017Appendix 3EDownload File
08/03/20172017Appendix 3EDownload File
28/02/20172017Appendix 3YDownload File
22/02/20172017GDI Property Group - Distribution for the period ended 31 December 2016Download File
20/02/20172017GDI Half Yearly Results PresentationDownload File
20/02/20172017GDI Half Yearly Financial ResultsDownload File
20/02/20172017GDI Half Yearly ResultsDownload File
20/02/20172017Appendix 3CDownload File
20/02/20172017Appendix 3XDownload File
20/02/20172017Appendix 3ZDownload File
20/02/20172017GDI Board ChangeDownload File
14/02/20172017Change in substantial holdingDownload File
13/02/20172017GDI Half Year Results AnnouncementDownload File
31/01/20172017Settlement of 307 Queen Street, BrisbaneDownload File
31/01/20172017Settlement of 80 George Street, ParramattaDownload File
05/01/20172017Settlement of 25 Grenfell Street, AdelaideDownload File
19/12/20162016Appendix 3BDownload File
16/12/20162016Estimated Distribution to 31 December 2016Download File
16/12/20162016Dividend/Distribution Notice - December 2016Download File
16/11/20162016Appendix 3YDownload File
16/11/20162016Appendix 3BDownload File
10/11/20162016Results of Resolutions - AGMDownload File
10/11/20162016Chairman & Managing Director AddressDownload File
10/11/20162016Sale of 25 Grenfell Street, AdelaideDownload File
18/10/20162016Sale of 80 George Street, ParramattaDownload File
27/09/201620162016 Annual ReportDownload File
27/09/20162016Appendix 4GDownload File
27/09/20162016GDI Property Group 2016 AGM - Notice of MeetingDownload File
29/08/20162016Tax components of 30 June 2016 distributionDownload File
22/08/20162016Notification of Dividend DistributionDownload File
22/08/20162016Annual Results PresentationDownload File
22/08/20162016Appendix 4E and Annual Financial ResultsDownload File
22/08/20162016Financial Results AnnouncementDownload File
15/08/20162016Annual Results NoticeDownload File
17/06/20162016Notification of Dividend/DistributionDownload File
16/06/20162016Establishment of GDI No. 42 Office TrustDownload File
31/05/20162016Appendix 3F - Final share buy-back noticeDownload File
14/04/20162016Change of Directors Interest NoticeDownload File
24/02/20162016GDI Property Group - Distribution for the period ended 31 December 2015Download File
24/02/20162016Change of Directors Interest NoticeDownload File
22/02/20162016GDI Half Year Results Presentation - 31 December 2015Download File
22/02/20162016GDI Distribution AnnouncementDownload File
22/02/20162016GDI Half Year Results AnnouncementDownload File
22/02/20162016GDI Half Year Financial Report - 31 December 2015Download File
19/02/20162016Acquisition of property for new fundDownload File
01/02/20162016Settlement of 50 Cavill Ave, Surfers ParadiseDownload File
22/12/20152015Acquisition of new propertyDownload File
14/12/20152015GDI - Estimated distribution for period ending 31 December 2015 Download File
20/11/20152015Appendix 3YDownload File
20/11/20152015Appendix 3BDownload File
30/10/20152015Settlement of 233 Castlereagh Street, SydneyDownload File
12/10/20152015GDI Cancellation of SecuritiesDownload File
02/10/20152015Update - Extension of Settlement of 233 Castlereagh Street, SydneyDownload File
30/09/20152015Extension of settlement of 233 Castlereagh Street, SydneyDownload File
28/09/201520152015 Annual ReportDownload File
28/09/20152015Appendix 4GDownload File
28/09/20152015Notice of AGM and Proxy FormDownload File
17/09/20152015GDI Cancellation of SecuritiesDownload File
15/09/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
14/09/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
11/09/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
10/09/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
09/09/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
08/09/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
07/09/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
04/09/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
02/09/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
28/08/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
27/08/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
26/08/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
25/08/20152015GDI - Tax components of 30 June 2015 distributionDownload File
24/08/20152015Notification of Dividend/DistributionDownload File
24/08/20152015Appendix 3DDownload File
24/08/20152015Appendix 3B (grant of performance rights)Download File
24/08/20152015GDI Financial Results AnnouncementDownload File
24/08/20152015GDI Annual Results PresentationDownload File
24/08/20152015GDI Annual Financial ResultsDownload File
17/08/20152015Sale of 233 Castlereagh St, Valuations and Leasing UpdateDownload File
17/08/20152015Advance Notice: Results for the year ended 30 June 2015Download File
30/07/20152015Updated Securities Trading PolicyDownload File
08/07/20152015Status Update on Sale of 233 Castlereagh St, SydneyDownload File
06/07/20152015Cancellation of SecuritiesDownload File
01/07/20152015Change of Directors Interest NoticeDownload File
01/07/20152015Ceasing to be a substantial holder from AMPDownload File
30/06/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
29/06/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
26/06/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
24/06/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
19/06/20152015Notice of change of interest of substantial holder - AMPDownload File
18/06/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
17/06/20152015GDI - Estimated distribution for the period ending 30 June 2015Download File
17/06/20152015Appendix 3A.1 Notification of DistributionDownload File
16/06/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
15/06/20152015Release of securities from voluntary escrowDownload File
15/06/20152015Cancellation of SecuritiesDownload File
11/06/20152015Successful capital raising for GDI No. 40 Office TrustDownload File
10/06/20152015Change in substantial holding from AMPDownload File
10/06/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
03/06/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
01/06/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
28/05/20152015Cancellation of SecuritiesDownload File
28/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
27/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
26/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
25/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
22/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
21/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
20/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
19/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
15/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
14/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
13/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
12/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
11/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
08/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
07/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
06/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
04/05/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
29/04/20152015GDI Cancellation of SecuritiesDownload File
29/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
28/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
24/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
22/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
20/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
14/04/2015201580 George Street, Parramatta - Exchange of ContractsDownload File
13/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
10/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
09/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
08/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
07/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
02/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
01/04/20152015Cancellation of SecuritiesDownload File
01/04/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
31/03/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
30/03/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
27/03/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
26/03/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
25/03/20152015Appendix 3EDownload File
26/02/20152015GDI Notice of Distribution - 31 December 2014Download File
24/02/20152015Change of Directors Interest NoticeDownload File
23/02/20152015Appendix 4D and Half Yearly FinancialsDownload File
23/02/20152015GDI Half Yearly Results ReleaseDownload File
23/02/20152015GDI Half Yearly Results PresentationDownload File
23/02/20152015Appendix 3CDownload File
17/02/20152015GDI Half Yearly Results NoticeDownload File
30/01/2015201531 December 2014 ValuationsDownload File
30/01/2015201531 December 2014 ValuationsDownload File
22/12/20142014Change of Directors Interest NoticeDownload File
22/12/20142014Change of Director's Interest NoticeDownload File
11/12/20142014Half Yearly Distribution - December 2014Download File
12/11/20142014Estimated Distribution - December 2014Download File
14/11/20142014Results of AGMDownload File
14/11/20142014AGM Results of ResolutionsDownload File
14/11/20142014Change of Directors Interest NoticeDownload File


GDI Property Group is an ASX listed property owner and fund manager. We have a proud history of delivering strong returns to investors for over 20 years.

  • Our Board and employees are passionate about property and about funds management.
  • We aim to continue to grow the wealth of our investors, provide exceptional accommodation to our customers and be a highly respected brand in our community.
  • Our success has been founded on a sound investment philosophy of buying well, managing well and selling well.
  • We appreciate your interest in GDI Property Group and welcome any feedback you may have.


GDI Property Group is an integrated, internally managed property and funds management group with capabilities in ownership, management, refurbishment, leasing and syndication of office properties. GDI Property Group is structured as a Stapled Entity, comprising GDI Property Trust and GDI Property Group Limited and their controlled entities.


GDI Group’s mission is to capitalise on commercial property markets and opportunities anticipated to produce superior investment performance within defined risk parameters.
GDI aims to be a high performance property investment manager, specialising in managing income return focused property syndicates/property funds and value add opportunistic total return focused property syndicates/property funds.

GDI’s success is founded on its sound investment philosophy, creating wealth through its astute selection of assets that have strong growth potential or the potential to value-add.